Governess Ely

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Goddess to be worshipped ~ Governess to be feared


I am available for Pro Domme sessions, offering the opportunity for you to come and serve.


I cater for all levels of intensity from mild to very extreme.


I am based in London and can cater for most requirements.


I can also be seen in London at a local dungeon for those seeking a more traditional setting.


I travel often, check my availability/calendar or enquire for more details.


I am happy to see couples. I accept people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or experience - all are welcome.


I am particularly skilled with those who are new to the scene. I place no value in your looks ascethetically, and have never found this to have bearing on your ability as a submissive.


All appointments require you to pay a deposit to secure your booking. This is non negotiable. You are welcome to pay the full amount in advance if you wish.


You are required to confirm you are attending the day before your visit and at least an hour before your appointment by text, call or email.


Filming sessions are available also, only with those I have played with before to make sure we have the right dynamic.


Key holding services are offered, but I am very serious about chastity and do not put just anyone into a belt. You have to earn this privilege.

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