Governess Ely

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Goddess to be worshipped ~ Governess to be feared



I have many interests in BDSM - too many to list. I find the dynamic between  myself and my submissive or play partners, negates such things.


I have listed my main areas of interest, specialities, my limits and standards. If you do not see your fetish or interests listed do ask, I am sure that I enjoy them too.

Regardless it is me who decides which activities I indulge my subs and slaves in.


Goddess worship - I adore all aspects of body worship, but naturally they have to be earnt and done very well. Massages, pedicures, bathing me and so forth are all parts of this joy. This is completely at my discretion.


Slave training - As a Domme who lives the lifestyle 24/7 I like to mould My slaves into a prized possesion. This covers all aspects of servitude and is not for the light players, only serious committed individuals.


Public play - I live in reality, that is to say wether in shops, a cafe or the street you will serve and know who is in control. A shopping trip to buy us both lingerie sounds very fun to me, maybe some lunch. Lets hope you don't need the bathroom


Punishment and discipline - From mild to extreme, I am a skilled Lady with my hands and a CP implement. Daily discipline is given to ensure you stay in line and punishments will be delivered swifty for rule breaking and misbehaviours. Punishments are not always physical remember, they are to teach and correct you, not hurt you.


Chastity, tease and denial and orgasm control - I adore this area of play, I find it very intimate and sensual. To own your sexual powers and controlling them is a delight. Future orgasms will be for me, by me and not for your own gain. An earned release is 1000 times better than any other, as you will see.


Enforced Domination - I am fond of the term enforced, as it reflects what you do for/by me. I prefer to enforce your actions, wether it be bisexual, feminisation of financial domination. The delights of ensuring you do what I want, because I want it. Lets be honest, no one is being forced really when they are as keen as you are to do such naughty things.


Sensation play - Assaulting the senses with rope play, sensory deprivation, heat and ice play, tactile strokes and scratches and much more. Let me make you feel alive and awaken all your senses. A hedonistic activity that I enjoy leisurely


Extreme play - Not for the feint hearted and only for those who have complete trust in me and my ability. These activities can have risks and leave marks. Needle play, knife play, branding, edge play, breath play and so on.


Humiliation - From mild to moderate. I can and will keep you reminded who is superior at all times. I have been known to make grown men cry from a verbal assault before, so be warned. Extreme degradation is also another activity I indulge with the right submissive


Maid training - Theres a place for everything and a way I like all chores done, if one is not taught to do them then I can not punish for them being done incorrectly. Cleaning latex, hand washing  laundry, polishing shoes and much more. Domestic tasks, DIY and garden work is always there to be done.


Torture and interrogation - A firm favourite with me. I love nothing more that seeing how much you will take for me. How much it takes to break you before building you back up ready for round two.


Limits - Anything is possible to earn if you work hard enough, if the dynamic and My pleasure is there. The main activities I avoid are dangerous or illegal play. No children or animals. No limits in the right scenario.