Governess Ely

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Goddess to be worshipped ~ Governess to be feared



My indulgences are many, I shall list some below so you have ideas of what I like. The best gift of course is your submission, but below are some suggestions for other ways to put a smile on my face.


Flowers, fresh. I love white flowers most, with delicate scents. Potted plants more so as they last longer. Fruit is one of my favourite snacks too, no bananas thank you!


Foot massages. I always want a foot massage, a cup of tea too. These never fail to make me smile. Tasty teas, amusing cups, teapots etc. Once you know me all tea will remind me of you.


Spa days, treatments and massages at quality establishments are always greatly recieved. In London is preffered and of course leave the name blank.


Shoes and boots, heels are a must. Kurt Geiger, louboutins, jimmy choo and anyhing sexy (size 6)


I have a huge fetish for nylons and stockings (size 10/M), steel boned corsets (20 inches) leather and latex. Fur (quality second hand from vintages stores is preffered), silk and lace are delightful to wear any time. Lingerie is always nice, agent provocateur topping the list, but so many lovely boutiques in London to get lost in.


One of my favourite bottles of bubbly is Laurent perier Rose. I am a fan of excellent wines, I enjoy a good borolo.


I am a smoking fetishist, though I smoke from choice, not addiction (mention if you prefer no smoking) and menthol cigarettes are my regular choice. I enjoy an occassional cigar too.


Amazon giftcards are always great, to buy me study and art materials.


Vouchers from quality latex houses are appreciated and I am keen to do a latex course to make my own pieces too.


Gucci, Prada, Louie vutton and Channel are loved. Bags, shoes accessories etc. <3 good designers and quality pieces are delightful.


Please do not bring me perfumes or chocolates/sweets. It is so rare I indulge in these it is best you ask if it is ok first.