Governess Ely

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Goddess to be worshipped ~ Governess to be feared


Frequently Asked Questions

How should I address you?

As it says at the top of my site, my name is Governess Ely. Ely is pronounced Ellie (not like the place Ely)

Governess, Mistress, Miss Or Ma'am are fine, as long as it is respectful.


I am a novice to this/it is my first visit, is that ok?

I am very experienced with newcomers, and delight in taking you on your first steps in this journey, so you are most welcome! Let me know you are new to the scene and I will offer you a discount on a longer session. I really adore introducing people to my worderful and kinky world.


I am not physically attractive, is that important?

Ones asthetics has never deemed a factor in how well they can please me and serve, so this is not an issue. As long as you are clean and groomed and well mannered.


You are rather exclusive, so why isn't your tribute higher?

I have set my tribute at a rate at a level that will only attract a certain type of gentleman (or lady for that matter) as I prefer quality over quantity always. I will only ever see one or two submissives a day as a general rule. I do this for pleasure not the monetary gain. There are a hundred or more easier ways to make a fortune out there, this is a lifestyle for me, not a job, tribute means I can do this fully and it supports that.


Can I have to have an introduction meeting with you first?

Yes. Everyone is welcome to have an introduction meeting first to get to know each other. I have a specific way of arranging things for good reasons. I am very selective of who I spend my time with and you have the same right to that. A tribute of £100 is required for this, and is strictly a meet/eat/chat arrangement. For around 60 minutes.


Where are you based?

I am based in the UK. I spend a lot of time in London and Lancashire. I am happy to travel as long as I am compensated. I do not drive and prefer to travel first class so that I arrive relaxed and fresh ready to see you. My curent residence is in Bromley.


Can you visit me in other places?

Yes, I am happy to travel, as said above.


Will you accompany me abroad/on holiday?

As long as we have met at least once, then this can be arranged.


I'd like to visit you but I am not kinky or into BDSM particularly, can I?

As long as you are respectful of My dominant personality and follow the same protocol for applying, then yes. I encourage all exploration of play, beyond labels. You do not need to be a sub or slave to come and see me. I see fetishists, hedonists and even ladies wanting to learn more about the lifestyle and Dominating their partners.


You seem scary. Will you respect my limits and things I do not want to do?

I am about submission, not bullying and abuse. I play from mild to extreme, you are in safe hands. All activities are consensual, I can make you beg if that's what you want :)


Can I just come for an hours play instead?

The appointments I offer are on the appropriate page. The way I conduct things is for a good reason, please do not offend by not bothering to read the information I have put on here for you!