Governess Ely

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Goddess to be worshipped ~ Governess to be feared



Once your application has been accepted and a visit arranged, you will be required to pay a deposit of £50 per hour or 50% of the total for longer stays or London visits, to confirm your appointment.


This can be done via paypal, online transfer or can be paid into my personal account at any HSBC branch. I also offer payment in cash in advance at a local cafe once a week.


You are expected to confirm the day before and at least one hour before on the day of your visit. This can be done by call or email.


I expect tribute to be handed over within five minutes of our meeting, in an unsealed envelope. Having to ask for, or remind you of this is not a good start to things. A thoughtful little note accompanying this is always a special touch that is appreciated. If you wish to pay the ful amount in advance, for whatever reason, that is fine also.


I expect you to arrive clean and fresh, ready for Me. If you need to freshen up then we can do that without problem, a polite request from you is much better than Me having to order you to, and the same courtesy is offered in return. Or not as may be the preference..


You will not make demands, and will show respect at all times, your tribute is for my time, not for services, they are at My discretion always. I love and want to play, demands will get you nothing. Polite requests are always noted though.


All toys, equipment and so forth are scrupulously cleaned and maintained, any items will be covered for added protection, and all and any activities of a sexual nature will be carried out with safety first and foremost.


It is the height of rudeness to haggle over my tribute. I am not a camel for barter in a sandy country, DO NOT do this please.


I want to hear all about your interests and please be open and honest, there is no judging here. Messages and discussions of an unsavoury sexual based nature will not be taken kindly to. Nor are requests of Me submitting.


Playing ping pong with texts, emails and calls is not my idea of fun. If our messages are going back and forth too many times, I will assume you are a timewaster and stop correspondence. My time is valuable. I expect booking to be made in approximately three messages or less. Messages from those I have met are welcome.


Please do not pass on My number to anyone or discuss our meetings. I will offer the same to you. Discretion is important for many reasons.