Governess Ely

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Goddess to be worshipped ~ Governess to be feared



Application to serve

I do take calls to enquire about bookings and same day sessions between 10am and 8pm strictly.



Please note all questions should be answered within these pages and I find it polite to take the time to read this before messaging or calling. I appreciate some things may not be obvious or noted here, so am currently building an FAQ.


I spent a lot of time writing all this info here so I do not have to repeat it many many times a day. If you can not take the time to read it, that will reflect my first impression of your nature. This is not something I expect from my sluts!


I have no interest in any illegal activities. Please do not ask for any sexual services, I am not an escort and this is not appreciated. Apart from that all requests are welcomed and I will do my best to accommodate.


I have no desire in recieving a shopping list, script or demands of what you want in a session. For me this is about you submitting. I want to hear your interests and limits, and they are respected ALWAYS! Fantasies are also welcomed, but I like to do what I want when I play, not follow a script. My pleasure IS yours!


For similar reasons I do not offer safe words. Control is in My hands at all times. One can not safeword if gagged, or judge sensibly if in sub space. I trust my judgement more than anyone elses! I encourage communication at all times, verbally or otherwise. This has never been a problem, but if you are concerned then call me to discuss it.