Governess Ely

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Goddess to be worshipped ~ Governess to be feared



I am a professional Dominatrix, but first and foremost a lifestyle Mistress. This is not just my career, kink, passion, but my world.

There is no facade or acted persona, just me.


When not hosting and attending BDSM parties, femdom gatherings and forced bi evenings, I enjoy relaxing with a nice cup of tea. I drink tea a lot, as you will soon find out no doubt. I also enjoy fresh fruit, fine wine, champagne, beauty and spa treatments.


I also am slightly obsessed with shoes, but what Mistress isn't. You can find out more of my indulgences here.


I can be found out and about at local gatherings and Pedestal with Miss Annalieza regularly; these outings are usually posted on relevant groups, my blog and of course my twitter feed @GovernessEly


I have a vast array of interests and fetishes I enjoy, though for me a lot lies in the dynamic and connection. Check out my interests to learn more.



About Me

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